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At Tabone Academy of Music, we understand that there are times when lessons might need to be cancelled. That said, when you register and commit to lessons, you are securing a classroom and paying for your teacher's reserved time slot. Please note our crucial and important policies below regarding payment, registration, and make-up lessons.



1. Registration fee must be paid ahead of time to secure lessons.

2. ALL of our teachers are are working industry musicians, and at times, a substitution may be required. The benefit of this is that you are being taught by professionals who are putting their craft to work, and we must accommodate that level of professionalism.  If a lesson is missed due to teacher absence, a substitute teacher will be provided unless the original teacher has time for a make-up and that is the preferred option by the student.

3. No shows will be considered a forfeited lesson.

4. In case of a late lesson by a student/teacher, the teacher is not obligated to extend the lesson time (they are booked back to back with students). ​

5. If you require a lesson cancellation, notification must be given at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time slot. Please notify us by email or phone number. If 24 hour notice cannot be met, you can request to attend the lesson virtually via zoom, or it will be considered a forfeited lesson.

6. You are entitled to a maximum of two (2) make-up lessons per semester. 
Semester One: September - December

Semester Two: January - June

Semester Three: Summer Months

7. Should you decide to stop taking lessons, we require two weeks notice. You will receive a refund via e-transfer once the two weeks are up.

8. If you know dates ahead of time where your child will be away or on vacation, please let us know upon registration.

code of conduct

At Tabone Academy of Music, we are a workplace that is free of harassment of any kind. We are an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability etc. All members are encouraged to report any incidents of harassment to Dave and Mary promptly. In order to ensure the success of Tabone Academy of Music, it is important for all participants to be aware of the rules and regulations which oversee our conduct.  


The following will not be tolerated at TAM:

1. Actions, threats of violence, inappropriate or abusive language directed towards students, parents, or other staff members.

2. Destruction of instruments, performance gear, or any TAM property.

3. Excessively not showing up on time for your lessons and/or shift.

4. Not showing up for a lesson without notifying via phone Dave or Mary at least 24 hours before your lesson commences.

5. Rude or improper behaviour with students, parents, and/or staff members.

6. Theft of student, employee or TAM property.

7. Use, distribution or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol on TAM property or being under the influence of these substances when reporting to your lesson. 

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