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Music Lessons_Dave_Hamilton
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Dave Tabone

Founder & Music Director

Dave Tabone is the founder and music director of the award winning 250 voice B.R. Xpression Vocal Ensemble and the 40 piece B.R. Celtic Fusion Concert Band. He has successfully lead both groups on numerous competitive trips throughout Nashville, New York, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, and Washington DC for the International Heritage Music Festival, bringing home Gold nine times. Dave has won numerous awards including the prestigious Distinguished Service Award, HWCDSB Director's Award, a Hamilton Music Award, the City of Hamilton's Week of the Child Award, Arts Education Award, and the International Heritage Director's Award. Dave was also nominated for the Premier's Award for Teaching Excellence and the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.

Helping students achieve their musical goals for the last 35 years has been so rewarding. Music changes lives for the better. I have seen students grow and become confident members of society because of the foundation music has provided for them.

Music Lessons_Mary_Hamilton
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Mary Tabone

Founder & Music Director

Mary Tabone is the founder and music director of the HWCDSB's seven JR. Vocal Groups. She is currently a private music teacher in voice and piano. Mary is also the director of the 150 voice B.R. JR. Xpression Vocal Ensemble and the 60 voice STM JR. Knight Magic Vocal Ensemble. She is Assistant Director of the B.R. Xpression and currently works as the Arts Support Facilitator for the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board. Mary and Dave are both founders and Creative Directors of Hamilton's B.R. Summer Rock Camp. Both Mary and Dave's vocal groups are the featured acts by Boris Brott and the National Academy Orchestra of Canada's events. Both Mary and Dave bring over 35 years of live stage experience to Tabone Academy of Music from playing in the popular dance bands Manhattan and Reflexion, having performed in most clubs in Toronto, Niagara Falls, London, and Hamilton.

Watching young people flourish through the study and performance of music has become one of my most profound joys in life. Music provides life skills which strengthen students' abilities to be successful emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It provides an expressive outlet that reaches deep within their souls.

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